Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best tasting, all natural, USDA Organic teas for their everyday lives. At Truly Teas, we stay true to our word by always providing the best quality experience, customer service, and tea.


Our goal is to provide the best quality tea experience for our customers.  Truly Teas wants to continue the trend of providing healthy beverage options and by combining drinking excellent teas with their daily lifestyle.  We want to change the way people see and think about tea, one cup at a time.

USDA Organic Tea


In order for a food item to be USDA Organic, the item must have an ingredient list that is free of synthetic additives, such as: pesticides, chemical fertilizers, dyes, or other processed materials not approved by the US Food & Drug Administration.  We value our customers and want to provide them with the best quality products.