All About Tea!

All About Tea!

For this tea blog I decided to do something a little different. Check out some of the most common tea questions that are asked. I want to know your questions too! Simply comment at the bottom and we will give you some truly good advice! 

You can also find these questions in the FQA page located at the bottom of the our website. 

Does tea expire?
No, tea does not expire; it just loses freshness over time. 

How long does your tea stay fresh & how should I store it?
To keep your teas delicious and fresh, always store them in a dry, cool, dark place and always keep them tightly sealed. 

What are Fair Trade Certified™ teas? (why does it matter?)
Fair Trade USA certification supports the sustainable growth and ethical production and trading of ingredients. The Fair Trade CertifiedTM logo stands for fair wages, safe working conditions, eco-friendly practices and a commitment to community development. By partnering with Fair Trade USA, we’re giving back to the people growing our teas and the communities they live in. 

Why aren't all your teas Fair Trade Certified™?
It's important to us that we offer a wide range of teas all at a different price. Some Fair Trade Certified™ teas can cost more than ones that are not. With this being said we like to offer teas affordable for all our customers. 

Where can I find a list of ingredients & more information about allergies?
Each teas product page will have the list of its ingredients & allergen list if applicable. You can also find this list on the products packaging.

What is the natural flavoring in your tea?
Truly Teas always wants our customers to feel ensured about the ingredients in our teas. Natural flavoring in our teas are derived either directly or indirectly from essential oils, essences, extractives, & distillates of the ingredients in your tea. The natural flavors in our tea absolutely does not contain synthetic solvents, artificial preservatives, synthetic emulsifiers, artificial processing aids, soy or MSG (monosodium glutamate) components, agricultural sewage sludge derivatives, ionizing radiation or derived from a GMO. We strictly follow all USDA National Organic Programs Standards.

How much caffeine is in a cup of tea?

The amount of caffeine in a cup of tea is hard to tell. There are a ton of aspects that can alter the amount of caffeine in your cup of tea. These aspects can include your steep time & water temperature. Even though it's nearly impossible to measure out how much caffeine is a cup of tea we've concluded a general caffeine rating for our teas. 

  • Caffeine Free - Contains 0 mg of caffeine per cup
  • Low Caffeine - Contains 1-9 mg of caffeine per cup
  • Medium Caffeine - Contains 20-39 mg of caffeine per cup. This strength of caffeine still wont give you the high caffeine that a cup of coffee has.
  • High Caffeine - Contains 40+ mg of caffeine per cup 

Are there teas I should stay away from while pregnant or breast feeding?

For personal health questions, it's always best to speak to your healthcare provider. All of our teas have a detailed ingredient list on the product bags & on our website. 

How do I make a truly perfect cup of tea?

Making the perfect tea is our special-tea! We give step by step instructions on all our bags of tea. We also include our step by step instructions on the product description page on our website.  

How do I make iced tea?

When making iced tea always double the amount of tea. When brewing up a standard cup of tea while using our 1 cup of perfect teaspoon instead of using 1 teaspoon use 2. Steep your tea in half the amount of hot liquid, and pour over ice! Remember to use double the amount of tea you would use for hot tea and count the ice as part of your total water volume when deciding on how much tea to use. 

How long does iced tea stay good for in the fridge?

Prepared iced teas stay good in the fridge for up to 3 days. 

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