Buy Local, Shop Local

We pride ourselves in being a small business in Northwest Indiana.

Our partnerships within the region help maintain our quality products.


Shop Local, Buy Local

Learn about how shopping local helps your community.

Buying local helps our communities grow. Not only do we grow, but we get to know your name! Our communities are built on by small businesses and give each neighborhood their unique personality. Just think if you all the unique businesses in our area. Luckily in Northwest Indiana, we have an abundance of small businesses that support our communities.

 Here are a few additional reasons of how shopping local benefits you and your communities.

  1. Customer Service: Is it better to give someone a call when you have an issue, or to visit them by person? I know I like to visit my local print shop and chat while I’m picking up my order.  Also, they go above and beyond a retail chain! They make the decisions right then and there, so they can better serve their customer. No need to wait for an answer from upper management.
  1. Variety: Local businesses listen to their customers and can adapt to their customers' needs quicker than a retail chain. They carry a better variety of products to suit their customers.
  1. American Dream: Entrepreneurs are the foundation of the American dream. They help the economy grow with the support of people believing in them and purchasing their products.
  1. Taxes: Buying local means you get more tax dollars to spend on necessities in your town or region. For instance, those tax dollars can go towards investing in your schools and parks for your kids. 
  1. Jobs Creation: Creating jobs close to home is so important for our communities and families.
  1. Involvement in the Community: Most local businesses are involved in their community and organizations. 


Here are some of our favorite local small businesses that help us do what Truly Teas does best! 

Centier Bank

Hometown Happenings

Indiana University Northwest

NWI Print Pro

NWI Small Business Development Center


Rusthead Designs