Get to know us

Where it all began 

Hi my name is Lindsey, and I'm the owner and founder of Truly Teas. To give you some background of myself and how Truly Teas became a successful small business I'd like to start from the beginning. 

Truly Teas started with a simple idea during my final year at Indiana University Northwest. I was enrolled in an upper level marketing course designed to bring reality to the classroom. To complete the course, my group members and I had to create a faux marketing plan for a new business. We created a tea business that would soon blossom into Truly Teas.

My main goal for Truly Teas was to create a company that has honest values and treats its customers the way we would want our family and friends to be treated. For me, this meant that Truly Teas would provide its customers with healthy organic teas and superior customer service. With the hard work, dedication, and support from professors, family, and friends, I was able to bring a school project to life.

Fast-forward to today I strive to provide modern tea enthusiasts with an all natural tea experience. Being organic, fair-trade certified, eco friendly and women owned are a few things that make Truly Teas special! 

I want all of my customers to feel empowered and positive by purchasing our teas and that's why Truly Teas exists. It is meant to empower your dreams, lifestyle, and choices one cup of tea at a time.