25 Empty Teabags

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25 Empty Teabags are an eco-friendly way to brew up your favorite tea. Each teabag is made of biodegradable materials for an Earth-friendly solution to store your loose-leaf tea. Enjoy your 100% natural tea without the worry of harming the environment. Each box comes with 25 unbleached biodegradable empty teabags for all your steeping needs. 

Comes with:

25 empty teabags 


1. Place tea inside empty teabag using our one cup of Truly Teas teaspoon or a regular teaspoon, but wheres the fun in that? You can find our one cup of Truly Teas teaspoons by clicking on this link.

2. Pull the two drawstrings tight to ensure no tea gets loose.

3. Place in cup to steep and enjoy!

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