Ceremonial Matcha

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Ceremonial Matcha has been around over 900 years and is very popular for its unique flavor and health benefits. This versatile ground tea can be made into lattes, hot tea, and iced tea. Matcha is picked during the early harvest when the tea leaves are most flavorful and tender. Our Ceremonial Green Matcha carries an earthy smooth creamy flavor profile you're going to love!

Ingredients: Organic ceremonial-grade green tea powder.

Tea Information

  • Origin: Japan
  • Caffeine 
  • Gluten Free
  • USDA Organic
  • Kosher

Brewing Suggestions

  1. Heat fresh filtered water just short of boiling point around 158-176ºF. Depending on taste preference you can also brew Matcha at 170-185°F. 
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of Ceremonial Green Matcha Powder to an 8 oz bowl.
  3. Pour the 2 oz of heated water into the bowl with your matcha powder.
  4. Whisk the tea using a tea whisk for approximately 1-2 minutes, until the Matcha Powder foams and it turns into a clump free paste. (See brewing tips below)
  5. Add another 2 oz of warm water to the matcha paste and start whisking. 
  6. Then pour into a 16 oz mug and fill with left over heated water and enjoy!

Brewing Tips

  • Brewing Matcha at a high temp can burn the Matcha and cause it to taste bitter, so it is important to follow the brewing temperatures. 
  • Whisking Tips: Whisk Matcha in a M formation or in a straight line formation to whisk fully working from the bottom of your bowl to the top of the mixture.
  • For an extra frothy matcha, soak the tips of your whisk in warm water before using.