Red Vanilla

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Truly Teas Red Vanilla is an adaptogenic blend of Tulsi with Rooibos and Chamomile. The combination of chamomile, carob, and vanilla flavors are warm, soothing, and rich. This blend smells just like a sugar cookie without the added sugars. 

Organic & Fair Trade Certified™ Tea

Ingredients: Organic Tulsi, organic rooibos, organic carob, organic chamomile, natural flavors, and organic stevia.

Caffeine free

Brewing Suggestions

  • Bring filtered water to 212ºF.
  • Measure using our "1 Perfect Cup of Tea" Spoon. You can use our filter bag, infuser, or directly add it to your cup.
  • Steep for 3-5 minutes.
  • Time to enjoy your favorite cup of Truly Teas!

Recommended complementary items: Truly Teas organic honey, cream, coconut milk. or almond milk.

    *Serving sizes are approximate using our "1 Perfect Cup of Tea" Spoon.

    0.5 oz = Approximately 4-7 Servings
    2.0 oz = Approximately 25-28 Servings
    3.0 oz = Approximately 38-42 Servings